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22° HALO
2021 / VR ART

“22° HLØ” is a quadraphonic piece composed by sound artist Olga Koksharova using original sound recordings of Buchla 200e, Buchla Music Easel and Roland System 100 modular synthesizers. Simple and raw materials, often played out of sync, create psychoacoustic illusions of movement even when there is no real displacement in space. The composition, as well as the sound space built by media artist Vlad Kononkov, is inspired by the optical phenomenon 22° halo (Moon Ring) which forms as direct moonlight is refracted in millions of hexagonal ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere.


Olga Koksharova


Boris Shershenkov


“SEAL×2 Connecting Spaces” is the international compilation of collaborative spatial artworks made by Russian and Swiss experimental musicians and digital artists.


The compilation focuses on the connections between spatial music and art scenes of Russia and Switzerland and represents artist activities in times of the pandemic restrictions and social distancing such as online duos, spatial reworks of studio collaborations, virtual re-enactments of multichannel pieces, digital sound installations, art&science projects and many more.


To reduce the dependence on the constantly changing software the spaces released within this compilation also will be saved on the offline microcomputer platforms in the spatial works archive.


The compilation is the part of the Pro Helvetia FastForwART program for supporting the new formats of cultural exchange.

Project's space in Mozilla Hub


Main hall of SEAL×2 Connecting Spaces

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